from the desk of Lubec art teacher Shanna Wheelock

Annual Student Art Show  May 3, 2007
This year's art exhibit showcases over 140 pieces
student artwork in a variety of 1D and 2D media
including pencil, charcoal, ink, oil pastel,
watercolor, acrylic, marker and crayon. It was a full
year of creativity with students studying artists like
Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, Georgia O'Keeffe, and George
Segal. We covered African, Chinese, South American,
Mexican, Native American, and Australian Aboriginal
cultures.  Be sure to take a walk down the high school
hallway to catch of glimpse of "Tribute to Gabe", a
life-size plaster sculpture created by high school art

PAL Grant
The Partners in Arts and Learning grant, a program
through the Maine Arts Commission, awarded our school
$2,225 to use toward the arts. The committee currently
consists of Amy Jackson, Suzanne Plaut, and Shanna
Wheelock. The first project with this grant was a
residency with Portland based musician, Shamou.  In
the future, we hope to bring more professional artists
to our school, and also to promote the idea that the
arts are necessary and valuable in our lives, our
school, and our community. PAL grant is a matching
grant, so we depend on community donations to help
keep it rolling.

Maine Arts Teachers Fellowship
Lubec's art teacher, Shanna Wheelock, received a
$3,720 fellowship from the Maine Alliance for Arts
Education and the Maine Community Foundation, to
pursue her interest in weaving. She will work under
the direction of Brooksville weaver Susan Merrill to
create a series of sculptural weavings during the
summer of 2007. In addition, Lubec Consolidated School
will receive $1,000 to be used next school year for an
art project that relates to Shanna's fellowship. We'll
keep you posted!

Lubec Student Artwork at the State House
Congratulations to Hayley Simmonds (grade 4), and
Mallory Varney (grade 6), for having their artwork
selected for display at the State House in Augusta. In
March, the students, their families, and their art
teacher Ms. Wheelock, visited the capitol and enjoyed
tea with Maine's First Lady, Karen Baldacci.

Congratulations to Spencer Fitzsimmons and Kirsten
Simmonds, both 10th graders, for having their artwork
chosen to represent the Lubec Women's Club in the
regional art competition in Bangor.

Lighthouse Artwork - Service Learning Project
Once again, selected students will have artwork on
display at the West Quoddy Lighthouse Visitor Center
over the summer. This is a service learning project
where students do real-life projects in the community.
Our young artists sign contracts just like
professional artists, and they even pay for their own
framing. If artwork sells, students receive payment
and the gallery keeps a 30% commission, just as they
do with their adult artists. This will be our 5th year
with the project.

Natasha Mayers
Whitefield, Maine artist Natasha Mayers is known
throughout Maine for her activist-style artwork and
the over 500 murals she has facilitated in schools. We
were fortunate to have a one week residency with
Natasha this past spring. She worked with high school
students Heidi Bryant and Kirsten Simmonds to create a
series of drawings and paintings. The 5th and 6th
grades also worked with Natasha to create the four new
murals you will find on display throughout the
elementary end of the school. The kids did some great
work! Thanks to Mr. Buckley for getting the ball
rolling on this project, and thanks to the community
members who did a great job for hosting Natasha: Jean
Fincke and Dick Hoyt, Amy Jackson, Bonnie Beard and
Ukey Santos.
" I think your school is very special, with no bells,
a million dollar view, the best art teacher in the
state of Maine, some of the best and healthiest food
in a public school, flexible and enthusiastic staff
and leadership, and sweet, eager students who worked
hard and made some gorgeous paintings. Thank you for
inviting me to your school."
-Natasha Mayers, Whitefield, Maine

Bulletin Boards
Kudos to Mr. Doak, who in his first year at Lubec, has
managed to give this school a considerable "facelift".
 Not only does the new tile and paint job look
fantastic, but with the new bulletin boards throughout
the school, we are able to proudly display student
work from all classes. It has been a great pleasure to
show off the vibrant artworks that our students are
creating. Walking through the hallways is more
enjoyable now than ever before!

Student Art Show at Lubec Memorial Library
Thank you to the Lubec Memorial Library for inviting
us to display student artwork each winter. This past
January, about 35 students had their work showcased,
complete with an artists' reception. The library has
done a great and important job of providing this
community with numerous cultural and creative outlets.

Donate to the Arts at our School
The arts program at Lubec Consolidated School
continues to need your support. If you would like to
see more programs like the Shamou residency, or
additions to the art department such as the kiln,
tax-deductible donations will be put to good use. To
donate, contact Shanna Wheelock at the school. We
currently have two accounts: 1) the Art Fundraising
account, most recently used to purchase a kiln, and 2)
the PAL account, most recently used to host the Shamou
Checks may be sent to:
Lubec Consolidated School
Attn: Shanna Wheelock, Art Teacher
44 South Street  Lubec, ME 04652
Be sure to specify in note and on check that the funds
are for either the PAL Matching Funds account, or the
Art Fundraising Account.

Thank you to all the folks in the community and at
school that have supported the arts program at Lubec
Consolidated School. Your support is much needed - and
greatly, sincerely, appreciated!

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Collage drawing by Kirsten Simmonds, Grade 10

Below, Shamou's residency, working with Lubec students

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One of four 5th and 6th grade murals, created under the direction of Natasha Mayers

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Second Grade lighthouse painting