Campobello-Lubec Environmental Art Project
September 27 ~ Fourth and Fifth Graders from both schools share resources
Environmental Art at Herring Cove, inspired by artist
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Although the town of Lubec, Maine is separated from
Canada by international boundaries, the communities
often feel like one and the same. For the first time in recent history, Lubec and Campobello schools collaborated in an educational experience. The project was created and orchestrated by the Lubec school’s art teacher Ms. Shanna Wheelock and the Campobello second grade teacher Mrs. Holly Matthews.

Students from the fourth and fifth grades at both schools met at the Campobello school where they viewed a Powerpoint presentation about Andy Goldsworthy, a British artist who works with nature to create unique natural artworks that are non-permanent and are documented only through
photography and video.

The students then met in mixed-nationality groups of four to six students each to brainstorm project ideas. They then traveled to Herring Cove where they had approximately forty-five minutes to create their artworks. The energetic process produced beautiful, natural images. Photos were taken to
document the process and finished product. In their
classrooms back at school, students will write about
their experiences and create storyboards.

Shauna, Mallory and Kaitlyn work on their project
Skye and William search the cliffs for materials
Tony Porter, Campobello, with live crab
Kevin, Brittany, Jocelyn Legacy, Kelley-Jo Davis, John Matthews, Khalin Brown, chaperone, & turtle sculpture of grass, sand, & stones
The day began with wind & rain, became warm, sunny, gorgeous!

Click here to read quotes from the kids

Click here to read quotes from the kids