Campobello-Lubec Environmental Art Project
Quotes from the Kids

Lubec Grade 4 quotes
Nicole Merrill
"I had fun making new friends."
Connor Marzoll
"My favorite part was going to the beach."
Brooke Fitzsimmons
"I loved going there."
Madisein Ashby
"My favorite part was making my project. It was called Peace Island and I also liked finding sand dollars."
Kelsea Haskins
"It was very frightening at first, but then I made
some friends and it became fun. It became even more
fun when we got to the beach. We found lots of shells and sand dollars, and we made lots of cool stuff. I would love to do it again."
Destinee Archer
"We went to the beach and made a project  like a
sunflower. We made it with rocks, sand dollars,
flowers, and a little plant bush sort of thing. At
first, I was not happy about going to Campobello, but
then I had a really fun time."
Corbin Bennett
"My favorite part was looking for sand dollars and taking them home. I found twelve, but other people took them. I still got five. I had fun."
William Murray
"It was fun finding sand dollars and making art, but
the best part was when I met my friend James."
Makenzie Louise Lyons
"Thank you for bringing me to Campobello School. I liked it there. I had a lot of fun. I hope we go next
Ryan Denbow
"It was fun going over to Campobello. I had fun and I liked everyone's artwork. The people were nice."

Campobello Quotes
Tony Porter

I liked it and I want to do it again.
Kelley-Jo Davis
My favourite part of the trip was when we made the art out of stuff.
Ashtan Fitzsimmons
The art project was fun. I liked building the spiral with shells and seaweed.
Kaitlyn Marsee I liked it. I want to do it again. It was fun. YAY!!
Jordan Getchell The art project was a lot of fun. We made art out of stuff from the beach and then people took pictures of it just like Andy Goldsworthy.
Khalin Brown
I liked the trip. I want to go again. It was fun.
Kelsey Tinker
I would like to do it again and it was fun. Why I liked it was because I like art and it was awesome to put things together.
Jenna Kinney
I liked the Environmental Art Project because it was really fun and you get to meet new people. It was really fun to gather items off the beach make a picture project. You can create a really cool project with many items around the beach. You can make a really cool project with leaves, sand, grass, rocks, sand dollars and many more things. I think it would be fun to do an Environmental Art project again!
Jade Fletcher
I really liked the trip. I would like to do it again. I liked learning with Lubec and making the projects.
Krysten Mitchell
I liked it because we were on the beach. It was fun.
William Carroll
It was very fun to do. Iwould like to do it again. It was a good chance to meet other people.
Victoria Matthews I liked it. It was really fun. I made some friends. It was fun to make the project. We made it beach mess. It was called an Environmental Art Project.
Molly Fowler-Ross
The thing I liked about it was when we got to make it. I liked when we found the sand dollars and I liked our chaperone too. She was nice. I would love to do it again!

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